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Pro 99% Pure Oxygen Jet Facial Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Oxygen Treatment Machine  209-499-2123

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Product Details

New Pro99% Pure Oxygen Jet Facial Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Equipment Anti-aging

New Pro99% Pure Oxygen Jet Facial Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Equipment Remove Wrinkles Anti-aging

Source Spa theory and the effect of Oxygen

Source Spa is the use of the high pressure physical separation method to extract the oxygen in the air, making 99% of pure oxygen, is a highly efficient, environmental protection equipment. Cooperate with specially designed nozzle, spray gun to the skin in oxygen, oxygen injection and smelling oxygen injection triple way directly into the skin wrinkles and dry place, make the skin rapid absorption of oxygen, increase the activity of human cells, accelerate metabolism, achieve various disagree with unexpected therapeutic effect.
oxygen is the key to human life energy material.

1) oxygen can promote the regeneration of the epithelium of collagen fiber and capillary, conducive to the recovery of the organization.
2)overcome the hair follicle and surrounding tissue hypoxia state, improve aerobic metabolism. Promote the circulation of intradermal ischemia hypoxia group to blood and oxygen, accelerate the hair regeneration. Promote the atrophy of hair follicle returned to normal. Effectively restrain the growth of the acne propionic acid bacillus (anaerobic bacteria), improve the inflammation of the skin.
3) care at the same time, the inhalation of high concentration of oxygen, but also to the health of the body.
4)high purity, high active, natural and safe.


1, replenish oxygen to skin quickly, back to life;
2, activate cells, restore elasticity;
3, remove wrinkles, anti-aging;
4, hydrating whiten and smooth the skin;
5, to remove facial defects, dodge various spots;
6, collaterals, and promote circulation, strengthen metabolism;
7, relaxing, reduced pressure regulation, adjusting endocrine, the symptom such as insomnia, upset, headaches, irritability, fatigue;


1, high pressure oxygen injection treatment:
Through instruments, pressure device with activity in the form of rhythm massage essence of concentrated ingredients, make skin pure oxygen, oxygen at the same time, along with treatment products and active substances, into deep skin, treatment, and improve the hypoxia caused by wrinkles, relaxation, pigmentation skin problems.
2, oxygen injection treatment: Oxygen and course of product by spray a mixture of oxygen lance into mist sprayed on the surface of the skin, absorbed by the skin microcirculation, treatment of pruritus, sensitive skin, neurodermatitis, contact dermatitis, acne skin.

Suitable People:

1, pregnant or lactating women.
2, heart disease or device equipped with cardiac pacing.
3 patients, surgical wound hasn't healed.
4, epilepsy, severe diabetes, patients with hyperthyroidism.
5, malignant tumor patients, patients with hemophilia or severe bleeding.
6, with caution in patients with skin diseases and infectious diseases.


1, Please clean treatment head with clear water will be removed and properly kept.
2, Before use must be used with grounding of the plug and ensure that instrument outlet has real grounding.
3, to ensure the instrument is voltage adapter, if the local power supply voltage is not stable, we recommend that users increase the power matching between grid and instrument stabilized voltage supply.
4, in order to the treatment effect and ensure the normal service life, please unified use the original manufacturer to provide or recommend the use of specified accessories.
5, instrument shall not put wet place in or near water, also do not want to pass the instrument directly exposed to the sun to the place.
6, Do not place the machine near strong heat source , because it may affect the service life of equipment and normal use.
7, treatment requires the product to be used as the standard, please don't use too much product, so as not to reduce sucked into an instrument filters and the service life of the instrument.
8, please don't in the eyes, thyroid, parathyroid gland, testicle, pregnant women use in areas such as the abdomen and atrial pulse generator.
9, for pure oxygen is strong combustion-supporting gas, please pay attention to when using this instrument so far away from fire and heat source, lest cause an accident.
10, when using the instrument does not have a guest, please shut off the power switch apparatus, and ensure that personnel closed before you leave after daily use instrument of total power supply, ensure the safety of electrical products.
11, in strict accordance with the manual instructions use equipment or training equipment operators.

Technical parameters

Voltage: 220 V
Power: 500 VA
Operating frequency: 60 HZ / 50 HZ
Insured risks: 6 A 220 V (5 x 20)

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